Components of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes otherwise known by many as e-cigarettes are inhalers that are made electronically and used to vaporize liquid solutions into aerosol mist. These electronic cigarettes brands are equally used to replicate acts of smoking tobacco itself. That is, when someone uses this electronic cigarette, he kind of get relieved just like the one who is smoking the real tobacco. However, whether these electronic cigarettes can be used to replace the smoking of tobacco itself is a long debate that has been going on in a number of countries. Some support this argument while others on the other hand are opposing it in all manners possible.

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You may ask yourself, what are the components of these electronic cigarettes? They are known to have three main components: a battery, plastic cartridge which is usually used as a mouthpiece, a segment where liquid is put also referred to as the reservoir and an atomizer. This atomizer is the component used to vaporize the liquid. All these components combined play a very big role in the satisfaction of the smoker. They also what makes the electronic cigarette.

Below is the information that you may need to know about how these different components work.

  • Cartridge

This is simply a plastic container which has openings from both ends. In other words, it is a small container made of plastic material which is very important as far as the electronic cigarette is concerned. It aids the general function of the electronic cigarette because it offers the channel through which the liquid passes into the atomizer and once it is vaporized, the vapor still through the cartridge is passed into the mouth of the smoker. On the other hand, this cartridge ensures that there is no liquid leaked into the smoker’s mouth. It is important to note that this liquid is in most cases refilled because the cartridge has a refillable tank that is used to contain this liquid.

  • Battery

This is a power source or a power unit of the electronic cigarette. It usually has lithium-ion in it. The battery, compared to other components of the electronic cigarette, is the largest. While other models of electronic cigarettes have a power switch to switch on the battery, others use the breath of the smoker to start it. The duration in which a battery can last is directly determined by its capacity. In addition, how well any electronic cigarette performs is solely based on its battery’s voltage.

  • Atomizer

This is where the heat of the liquid is done. After the liquid is heated, it is turned into vapor which a smoker then draws in his smoking. The atomizer is in most cases made in the form of a heating coil and put in between the other components.

  • Liquid

Electronic cigarettes cannot work without this liquid. This is because it is the one which is heated to produce the vapor used by smokers. This liquid is a mixture of different components such as propylene glycol, polythene glycol and vegetable glycerin.