Diet for Sarcopenia-reduced muscle mass

It Oakleys Outlet is the physiological phenomenon – within certain limits-which starts around 50 years, rallentabile but not halted, with decrease in 달려서) strength and muscle mass. The factors that contribute to this process nfl jerseys shop are different: the degree of physical activity, hormonal changes–particularly the decrease of testosterone in males and estrogens in women-, malnutrition and various chronic diseases. In the elderly, physical activity improves the strength, but slightly increases muscle mass; Conversely, some drug treatments as human growth hormone (GH) or testosterone, cause muscle hypertrophy without increasing the strength. Sarcopenia – when is especially pronounced and then becomes a pathological condition – is the leading cause of disability and frailty in elderly people with impaired quality of life. In fact involves unstable equilibrium, inability to climb or descend stairs or bring home the groceries; increases the risk of falls and their severity and worsens osteoporosis for reducing muscle tension on the skeletal structure and the reduction of muscle bearing effect on bone. In women the lowering of estrogen concentration due to menopause is a factor that increases the loss of muscle mass of about 3 Kg and increases body fat of about 2.5 Kg Cheap NFL Jerseys which can be very limited or even eliminated by HRT. Men tend to lose ever greater muscle mass than women, and some authors claim that sarcopenia for both males a bit the equivalent of osteoporosis in women. The #selfi… latter are also more prone to that which defines “obesity sarcopenica,” where excess fat reduced muscle mass and form in which the risk of disability is extremely high according to the summation of the negative effects of sarcopenia and excess of fat mass. The spread of sarcopenia is estimated to be in the order of about one out of five under 70 years old and in one in three over 80 years. Sarcopenia must be distinguished from cachexia, which is characterized by loss of both muscle mass and body fat that has as main cause a State of chronic inflammation or a tumor, and weight loss resulting from caloric malnutrition-protein.

The diagnosis of sarcopenia is based on the presence of reduced cheap ray ban sungalsses muscle mass, decreased muscle strength and reduced physical performance, and you are referring to three measures recently discovered by a European Group of experts in nutrition and geriatric medicine.

The first is the measure of muscle mass that can be detected in a variety of ways. First of all through the bone densitometry, using a tool called Dexa (axial x-ray densitometry) which is the same device used for diagnosis of osteoporosis. Alternatively we can refer to the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which through standardized formulas you get to calculate fat mass, lean mass and water. Finally we have the Anthropometry discount oakley which involves measuring the circumference at mid arm and body fat calculation that measures the amount of body fat.

We then move on to measure the force, Cheap Jerseys the easiest way to do this is the hand grip that is to determine the force of contraction of Cheap Jordan Sale the hand in kilograms through a device called a dynamometer.

Finally, the third parameter: function measurement through the walking speed (walking speed) in a stretch of 4 metres, below 0.8 meters per second we are facing a wake-up call.

These three measures together allow us to formulate a diagnosis: If all values are wholesale nfl jerseys in place we are not in the presence of sarcopenia, if only the muscle mass is out of place, we are in a phase of pre-sarcopenia, if muscle mass and another value are outside the threshold we have sarcopenia, if all three values are out of place talk about severe sarcopenia. The wholesale jerseys latter is part of another increasingly common in elderly and geriatric syndrome complex causes of hospitalization or the “fragility”: biological syndrome characterized by reduced functional reserve and resistance to stress and cumulative functions decline induced by multiple systems and apparatus.

Sarcopenia is a phenomenon partly inevitable with physical side effects of garcinia cambogia advancing Cheap Ray Bans age but is partially rallentabile by physical activity and by an adequate protein intake (studies showed a net gain of muscle strength in individuals who match a food supplementation to a regular aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week).

First is prevented by adopting from an early age, a complete and balanced diet and through regular practice of a task fi